Getting Ready to Get Started

I’m back!

Yes — I had every intention of writing a daily post on New Year’s Day when I started this.

And then life kicked in again — mostly in the form of continuing elder care, with yet another string of emergencies, hospitalizations, and relocations, but also with the crazy patchwork of fluctuating part-time jobs which have allowed me to somehow stay afloat for years now and still be able to be primary caregiver for my mother plus our combined zoo of companion animals who are also family.

As part of the process of rediscovering myself after putting everyone and everything else first for all too long (anyone else recognize themselves here?), I decided to journal my journey.  Since I am an artist, designer, weaver, teacher, and insatiably curious researcher and reader, my purpose here is also to share the art, the spectrum of interests, and the findings on various topics that friends ask me about repeatedly  — without having to constantly repeat myself.  In order to keep in touch with friends old and new, I have agreed to satisfy the constant comment that I “should write a book” instead by recording the results of my experiments and explorations, daily bits and pieces, puzzle parts, questions and reflections that come up along the way.


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